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Try our crossword, filled with fun sturgeon facts!


  • 3.The name of the URL for the website for the Initiative: www...
  • 6.The estimated size of the population of white sturgeon adults currently residing in the upper Columbia River.
  • 7.The Provincial term given to define a Red Listed species like the upper Columbia white sturgeon: "critically ___"
  • 8.The white sturgeon is also called Acipenser ___ in Latin?
  • 12.Short name that refers to the Passive Integrated Transponder tag used on sturgeon for future identification.
  • 13.The portion of the Columbia River where the white sturgeon population are "critically imperiled".
  • 14.The habitat used by young white sturgeon for eating and resting.
  • 16.Abbreviation for Kootenay Sturgeon Conservation Hatchery.
  • 18.The name of the fin from which a piece of bone is cut to be used for age analysis.
  • 20.The name given to something that is very old.
  • 22.The name of the activity given to male and female adult white sturgeon producing their offspring.
  • 23.Upper Columbia White Sturgeon Recovery ___.
  • 26.The type of sturgeon found in the upper Columbia River.
  • 27.Upper Columbia White Sturgeon ___ Initiative.
  • 28.The name of the river in which the white sturgeon population is estimated at approximately 1,400 adults.
  • 1.A group of similar organisms whose members can breed with one another to produce fertile offspring.
  • 2.A group of similar organisms whose members can breed with one another to produce fertile offspring.
  • 4.This fish has changed little over its 175 ___ year existence.
  • 5.What the female adult white sturgeon releases during spawning.
  • 8.Group of experts in sturgeon biology whose overall role is to develop and implement a Recovery Plant. The Recovery ___.
  • 9.Information obtained from a pectoral fin ray section.
  • 10.Other name for small circular plaques (bony plates) found in five rows on the white sturgeon (plural).
  • 11.Common name of Acipenser transmontanus? White ___.
  • 12.The Initiative developed this document as a first step in providing a range of objectives to prevent the disappearance of sturgeon in upper Columbia.
  • 15.Abbreviation given for the Initiative's name: Upper Columbia White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative.
  • 17.The activity undertaken for the purpose of preservation of weak, threatened, or endangered species.
  • 19.The location in which white sturgeon live. The ___.
  • 21.The devices used to apply to white sturgeon for their identification in the future.
  • 24."whisker-like sensors" white sturgeon use for detecting food.
  • 25.___Planning Group, the body which seeks support of people and organizations to assist in rebuilding the white sturgeon population.

Can you find all our words hidden? Words can go forwards, backwards or diagonally. Good luck!

  • barbels
  • broodstock
  • cartilage
  • columbia
  • dams
  • eggs
  • fin
  • fishing
  • fry
  • habitat
  • hatchery
  • juveniles
  • larvae
  • monitoring
  • mouth
  • partners
  • plan
  • pollution
  • recovery
  • redlisted
  • restoration
  • river
  • scutes
  • spawning
  • sturgeon
  • survival
  • tag



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We have an extensive database of sturgeon capture data around the upper Columbia River in BC. If you have a 16 digit PIT tag number for your sturgeon, please enter it here, and the data for your sturgeon will be displayed if available. Don't have a PIT tag?

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We have some default tags for you to use, if you want to track a sturgeon, or you just have forgotten yours. These are all actual sturgeon.